1st Position in Google Organic Search = 33% of Entire Search Traffic

As Chitika, the online ad network, announced, there are a lot of results crowded in the top of online searches. Its study found that the top spots in Google searches yield organic results that account for 33 percent, or one third, of the traffic, and then the amounts begin to taper down, with 18 percent allotted for the second spot, and even less further down:

Here are the Chitika findings regarding top 10 results:

There was another study, similar in nature that the team of the Chitika network conducted three years ago, and the results it yielded were comparable to the present findings. In Chitika’s opinion, these studies point out that SEO is really of importance for businesses developing in the online space.

“While being the number one result on a Google search results page is obviously important, these numbers show just how big of an advantage websites of this type have over any competitors listed below them. The importance of SEO for online business is seemingly quantified by these latest statistics, which, judging by their similarity to those observed as part of the 2010 study, are not likely to change significantly in the near future.”
It will hardly be surprising for those that are professionally versed that there was a marked traffic drop from page 1 results down to page 2 results. The slice of page 2 results was quite a hefty one, with as much as 92 percent of traffic obtained via average searches, and page 2 results showed a significant dropping, by as much as 95 percent.


For all pages top results, Chitika found out that their top positions invariably enjoyed heftier traffic compared to the positions below the first one for each page. The drop in traffic for pages 2, 3, and 4 was 27 percent, with a difference of 11.3 percent and with 5.4 percent accordingly for the drop from first position to the second position.

To obtain insight by means of the findings, Chitika had to go through many millions of online ad impressions, with users referred to such pages by means of Google searches. It was found out that the study could extract the page position in prior search results on the basis of referring Google URL. It would be interesting to delve into more information on what methodology Chitika employed in the study: the complete report is at the disposal of interested persons.

How Rankings and Data on Traffic Are Interpreted

Rankings, which are universally known as indicator of SEO strategy success, are important in terms of the traffic they manage to attract. The data on rankings confirm for the umpteenth time that top spots enjoy the winning positions, although rankings for specific queries may fluctuate in search results among individual users.

Last year’s study carried out by Compete com demonstrated that 53 percent of the amount of organic search clicks tend to go to first links.

In a 2011 study conducted by Slingshot SEO, it was established that the Number One organic position obtained in Google was the recipient of 18.2 percent of the clicks, the second position got 10.05 percent, and the third position had a little lower, 7.22 percent.

It is important to gain an insight into rankings significance for SEO campaigns as far as traffic and conversions are concerned, in order to be able to take full advantage of the value of such rankings. Studies of the type indicated can help to explain to stakeholders how they should purchase shares, but the data should be made full use of in a wise manner. The methodology of studies of the types pointed above should be studied, and the data should be used to strengthen the marketing positions.

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